Grasslands are an expansive area of grass, flowers, and herbs.  Along with little to no trees, that can expand over millions of square miles. The grasslands even have areas of differing elevation with hills and sometimes even mountains. The grassland areas contain large and small animals from an Elephant down to a Tick.

It is a question of whether or not some grasslands are natural. This is because of the "controlled fires" used to maintain the grassland's fertile soil for farming.

The debate calls into question whether or not the grasslands would eventually grow trees and if it would then lead to a forest, causing these grasslands to disappear. Some people say it would not because of the little rain these areas receive, and this amount of rain would not be able to supply a numerous amount of trees. Others argue that trees that can grow with little rain might eventually grow if given enough time and left alone. What do you think? Visit the grasslands today, and after your vacation email us at to tell us what you think about this debate. You may even end up on the front page of our magazine with your response! 

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