The most well-known grassland would be the Great Plains. This grassland is the area in Central United States up into Canada. This area is west of the Mississippi and east of the Rocky Mountains. Below is a map showing the area of the Great Plains. Above is a picture of the Great Plains to give you an example of the look.

We have several resort locations in the Great Plains. Our "In PlainSight" Resort is internationally acclaimed for the numerous amounts of rare animals and plants located just outside of our resort, not to mention the HUGE amounts of common animals and plants found nearby. Plus we have harmless cameras attached to an animal of each species near our In PlainSight resort. These cameras are then streamed live, without delay, IMMEDIATELY to your television in your room at the resort.* Below is a picture of part of the In PlainSight Resort. Above is a picture of the view you have from the front of the resort (Notice how close the animals come to our front porch!). If you would like to call our Grassland Service Hotline, please dial, 1-800-ILIKEGRASS. And our Service specialists will be with you in a heartbeat.**

*Viewer discretion is advised

**This heartbeat may not actually beat as fast as a human heart, it may not even be a live heart. Please bear with us while we find a Service specialists, and we are sorry for any inconveniences you may experiences while waiting.

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